Diabetes Education

Did you know that more than 20 million men, women and children in America live with diabetes? If you're one of them, these special programs can help you manage the disease and reduce its impact on your life.

*physician referral is needed. $ denotes a fee is required.

Diabetes Self-Management Program

Nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), this program offers a nine-week session plus one follow-up class. Led by an interdisciplinary team consisting of certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians and registered nurses, the program covers the 10 content areas outlined by the ADA. * $

Diabetes Foot Clinic

This is a service offered to anyone with a diagnosis of diabetes that exhibits "foot triggers" (numbness, tingling, pain or burning in feet). These patients receive a thorough foot or leg assessment, debridement of toenails and education regarding prevention of foot ulcers by registered nurses. * $

Diabetes Support Group

Carolinas HealthCare System Stanly's Diabetes Support Group hosts monthly educational get-togethers on diabetes and meets the third Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m.

Diabetes Refresher Course

This two-hour program reviews the basics of controlling diabetes, including new information on meal planning, nutrition tips, exercise and an inspirational strategy on how to stay positive with diabetes. This program is available to prior participants of the nine-week Diabetes Self-Management Program. * $

Healthy Directions: A Weight Management & Diabetes Prevention Program

Evidence-based medicine shows diabetes can be prevented! Attend our six-session program presented by a team of certified diabetes educators, including registered nurses and registered dietitians, to learn and practice prevention strategies. Participants at high risk for developing diabetes are encouraged to attend and will receive a workbook, a pedometer, a nutrition counseling, temporary membership to the YMCA and more. * $

Gestational Diabetes

Carolinas HealthCare System Stanly offers a gestational diabetes program to keep you and your baby healthy during this very special time. Your healthcare team includes a registered dietitian and a registered nurse who will teach important skills, including meal-planning guidelines, monitoring blood sugars, exercise techniques and medication options. * $

Insulin Pump Therapy

Our certified pump trainers will assist in the evaluation of the insulin pump as an alternative for insulin delivery. Pump instruction, fine-tuning blood sugars and nutrition therapy are provided on-site. * $

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy is an essential part to maintaining overall health and improving one's quality of life. Individuals meet with a registered dietitian to discuss dietary and lifestyle habits as they relate to conditions such as diabetes.  A session includes a nutrition assessment and counseling on lifestyle changes such as meal planning and exercise.  Progress is evaluated through follow-up appointments. * $

BodyGem® Analysis

BodyGem® Analysis allows you to learn your resting metabolic rate or how many calories your body is burning each day. This is helpful for those wishing to lose weight or for athletes who desire a better understanding of how their training regimen affects their metabolism. This service includes the BodyGem® test, a personalized nutrition plan to meet your goals and consultation with a registered dietitian. For more information, call (980) 323-4189.

Well Market

Products such as pedometers, exercise bands, food scales, foot cream, and cookbooks are available through Carolinas HealthCare System Stanly's Disease Management & Health Promotion department.

For more information about any of the above programs, call (980) 323-4189.

*physician referral is needed. $ denotes a fee is required.

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