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We are committed to providing excellent customer service that exceeds the expectations of patients, family members and visitors. The experience of patients and their families is a crucial component of the healing process. At Carolinas HealthCare System Stanly, our patients are at the center of everything we do. With every interaction, we strive to elevate the level of world-class care our patients receive.

We listen to our patients and their families and strive to meet their needs by providing patient-centered care that keeps you safe, promotes your healing, and includes, informs and inspires you. Your feedback is extremely important and enables us to continually improve our service and quality of care.

Compliments and/or complaints can be shared with your nursing staff, the unit manager directly, or by calling the customer care message line at (980) 323-4389.

While we would like to have the opportunity to assist you with any concerns about patient care or safety while you're in the hospital, you have the right to file a complaint with the Division of Health Service Regulation by calling (800) 624-3004 or writing to the Division of Health Service Regulation, Complaints and Investigations, P.O. Box 29530, Raleigh, NC 27626-0530.

You can also contact The Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints by calling (800) 994-6610 or emailing

WOW-Recognizing Carolinas HealthCare System teammates who are committed to putting Patients First, Always

We know we have exceptional people who work diligently to make your experience all that you expect it to be and more. As a result, we have created the WOW program to identify staff members who provided excellent care and service during your stay. The next time you visit our facility, look for the WOW cards located near waiting rooms and elevators, and help us recognize staff, physicians, administrators and volunteers who made your customer experience extraordinary. If you have already received exemplary service from one of our employees and want to let us know, you can simply complete our “Contact Us” form online. You may also call our customer care voicemail line at
(980) 323-4389

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